Saturday April 23, 2011
Christian was the latest Rebel to receive a cheque from the members of SREF, the presentation being made prior to Friday's match against Scunthorpe.

SREF made the presenation of £500 following Christian writing off his bike whilst riding for Poole on Wednesday night, the accident almost causing him to miss Somerset's match against Scunthorpe.

Luckily, he suffered no major injury to himself, which is more than can be said for his bike, and so the funds were most welcome,

"I was amazed when the presentation was made, but that is what makes this the club it is," Said Christian, "everyone wants to help you, it is just like one big family and that is why I wanted to return to ride for Somerset this year. I am really grateful not only to SREF for this money, but to everyone who contributed to the SREF's fund-raising activities."

Photo courtesy of Jay Eastwood

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