Thursday September 12, 2013
The ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels travelled to Sheffield for their final away match of the regular Premier League season looking for 4 match points that would take them back to the top of the Premier League.

Hopes of the match even getting underway were, however, in some doubt when rain began to fall less than an hour before the scheduled start time, but with the agreement of both teams, the meeting duly began on time, though it was obvious from the off that this was not going to be a match for the speedway connoisseur, with gating being of upmost importance on a track that was wet and heavy to begin with.

The Rebels got off to the best possible start with heat advantages in the opening two race, Jason Doyle winning heat 1 with Charles wright doing like-wise in the following race to give Somerset an early 4 point lead.

Heat 3 saw Sheffield’s Danny Maaßen fall on lap 2 as he came off the 2nd bend, the referee having no option but to stop the race as Maaßen struggled to get to his feet and clear the track.

With the German international excluded from the re-run, Sheffield sole representative in the race, Ricky Wells, was to suffer the same fate as his team-mate, the American coming to grief in exactly the same spot as Maaßen had in the original attempt to stage the race.

Referee Peter Clarke once again had to bring proceedings to a halt, he excluding Wells for being the cause of the stoppage before awarding the race to Somerset as a 5-0 heat win.

Things looked ominous as far as the meeting continuing as a result of the two falls, but after consultation with the riders and team managers, remedial action was undertaken on the Owlerton track, the top surface, which had become very heavy with the continuing rain which had not relented since the tapes rose on heat 1, being bladed off and removed from the racing lines.

After the delay for the track work to be completed the meeting got underway once again, the remedial action obviously do the trick as there were no further falls or incidents in the remaining heats, these seeing Somerset carry on from where they left off before the break, as time and time again the Rebels outgated the opposition riders and heat by heat extended their lead over the Tigers.

With conditions getting worse by the minute, the race of the night came in heat 6 when Somerset’s Nick Morris made light of the tricky track surface to make a sublime cut-back on Sheffield guest Richie Worrall, who was out on a double-point tactical ride, to snatch the lead and go on to take his second heat win of the night.

The Rebels then secured heat advantages in each of the next 5 heats to put themselves into a 23 point lead to not only assure themselves of the match win, but also all 4 league points, and when heat 12 was completed in a time some 9 seconds slower than the opening heat, and with Somerset in an unassailable position, it came as little surprise when the referee abandoned the meeting with the final 3 heats still remaining, the rain never abating throughout the whole evening, it being a credit to the riders that the match got as far as it did before matters were brought to a premature end.

But with the match having reached, and passing, the requisite 10 heats for a result to be declared, it meant that the Rebels travelled back down to the West Country with those 4 precious league points safely tucked away to move Somerset back to the top of the Premier League table.

R Worrall [g] 0 4^ 0 2 - - - 6
A Compton 2 0 0 0 0 - - - 2
R Wells X 3 2 R 3 - - 8
D Maaßen X 0 1 - - - - 1
Rider replacement – Adam Roynon
M Clegg [g] 0 0 0 - - - - 0
F Albin 2 2 2 2 1 - - 9
Team Manager: David Hoggart & Nigel Hinchliffe

J Doyle 3 1’ 3 - - - - 7+1
K Newman 1 2 1 1 - - - 5
A Davies 3 3 1 0 - - - 7
J Grajczonek 2’ 1 3 - - - - 6+1
N Morris 3 3 3 - - - - 9
C Wright 3 1 3 2 - - - 9
O Greenwood [g] 1 1 2’ - - - - 4+1
Team Manager: Garry May

Referee: Peter Clarke

1: Doyle, Compton, Newman, Worrall, 63.5 (2-4)
2: Wright, Albin, Greenwood, Clegg, 64.3 (4-8)
3: (re-run) Davies, Grajczonek, Wells (f.exc), Maaßen (f.exc), awarded, no time (4-13)
4: Morris, Albin, Wright, Compton, 65.9 (6-17)
5: Wells, Newman, Doyle, Maaßen, 67.1 (9-20)
6: Morris, Worrall^, Greenwood, Compton, 68.9 (13-24)
7: Davies, Wells, Grajczonek, Clegg, 69.8 (15-28)
8: Wright, Albin, Newman, Compton, 70.1 (17-32)
9: Morris, Greenwood, Maaßen, Wells (ret), 67.8 (18-37)
10: Grajczonek, Albin, Davies, Worrall, 69.6 (20-41)
11: Doyle, Worrall, Newman, Clegg, 71.2 (22-45)
12: Wells, Wright, Albin, Davies, 72.2 (26-47)

Match Abandoned - Result stands

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